Board & Staff

The nonprofit, 501 (c) 3 Indiana Transportation Museum is governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Directors that cover an array of talents from across Central Indiana. These individuals serve as community ambassadors by acting as guardians of the Museum’s mission and vision as well as by providing strategic planning and oversight.

The Museum serves as the parent corporation of three wholly owned LLCs that carry out various day to day functions of the organization, which include ITM Railroad Operations, LLC; ITM Assets, LLC; and ITM Foundation, LLC. The Board also maintains an Executive Committee. The Museum Operations Group is a committee of the Museum’s board to carry out day to day business functions of the Museum that are not covered under the duties of the aforementioned LLCs.

All personnel inquiries may be sent through the Business Office at

The following individuals currently serve in Museum leadership within a governance capacity:

Board of Directors:

Indiana Transportation Museum, Inc.

Jeff Kehler, Chairman

Michelle Yerkeson, Vice Chairwoman

Craig Presler, Secretary

Bruce Jarrett

John McNichols

Lavonne Stage

Museum Operations Group

The Museum Operations Group handles promotion, restoration, ticketing, office management, grounds maintenance, collections, volunteer services, scheduling and website/social media management.

Board of Managers

Craig Presler, Chairman

Adam Fisher, Budget Manager

Les McConnell

Lavonne Stage

Michelle Yerkeson

I T M Railroad Operations, L L C

ITM Railroad Operations, LLC handles the day to day operation of the railroad; including maintenance, right of way, training and certification of operating crews, crew scheduling and signals.

Board of Managers


I T M Assets, L L C

ITM Assets, LLC holds and manages all assets of the Indiana Transportation Museum, which includes structures. Acquisition and disposal procedures include approval by the ITM Board of Directors.

Board of Managers

Michelle Yerkeson, Chairwoman

Craig Presler

I T M Foundation, L L C

ITM Foundations, LLC manages all museum investments and gifts.

Board of Managers

Max Hill

Peter McConnachie