Financial Contributions

The Indiana Transportation Museum is a qualified corporation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to ITM are deductible as allowed by law. As always, individual situations vary, so check with a tax professional.
Contributions can be unrestricted, allowing the Museum to use the money where the need is greatest. The Museum also has several restricted funds that allow donors to put their financial contribution towards a specific goal.


Indiana Transportation Museum General Fund

The Indiana Transportation Museum General Fund allows your donation to be spent according to the organization’s current needs. Donations to this fund help to support the overall day-to-day operation of the organization as the board of directors deems appropriate for operating the museum, whether that be maintenance, restoration of artifacts, professional services, etc.

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Steam Locomotive 587 Restoration

The Nickel Plate 587 restoration: This 90+ year-old steam locomotive often ran on the railroad line that passes ITM and on which we operate our trains. 587 is currently undergoing a federally mandated retro-fitting as all steam locomotives must at a maximum of 15 years. Donations to this fund help to complete the project.

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Milwaukee Road 72 Restoration

To pull our excursion trains, ITM acquired several EMD F-unit locomotives in the mid 1980’s. Two units were restored at that time but number 72 was not. In the last few years, we have increased the number of trains run, and need this additional loco. Donations to this fund help restore this classic of railroading, and most of the work to date has been accomplished through thousands of hours donated by youth volunteers in high school and college.

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The John Houk Memorial Fund

John volunteered at ITM for many years. John was so dedicated to ITM that following retirement he moved from Chicago to Noblesville to reduce his travel time. He informally watched over young volunteers at ITM and provided transportation for those too young to drive. Many of the younger volunteers saw him as a mentor of sorts, and took the time to make sure our younger volunteers went about their duties in a correct and safe way. John often served as a coach attendant on various trains, but when he saw the need, he became qualified as a brakeman and conductor. Unfortunately, within a year of qualifying, John was taken from us. This fund in his name is used to send young ITM volunteers to rail camp, which is organized by the National Railway Historical Society. We have sent several campers in the years since John’s death, and we have more candidates we want to sponsor in the future.

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